What are you saying to your prospects?

Very likely, the wrong things.

Most businesses are talking about themselves, blathering on about tiny, self centered items that matter very little to the people trying to buy from you.

Add in a revolution in HOW we advertise (“I gotta get my Twitter account connected to my blog so I can feed my Facebook Fan page!”) and you can see how this goes so badly for so many businesses.

What Nobody Understands About Marketing

If you want people to respond to your marketing, say things that are valuable to THEM.  And you better say them in the right way.

See, the marketing world is full of over-hyped seminars, bloated hot-air books and gasbag experts who promise the world with all the zeal of your local televangelist.

But try to find marketing consultants that have a real live portfolio of success and the room clears out fast.

Where does this leave you?

  • You need help growing your business
  • You don’t know who to trust
  • You don’t know how much to pay

There are only 2 ways to grow your business:

1. Sell more to existing clients
2. Find new clients

That’s it. Now, how exactly do you do that?

Had it with crappy marketing? Bewildered at what Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn could possibly do for your business? Haven’t a clue what to do next? Sick of it all? Shhhh, there there. Click on this long blue, underlined banner of hope, and tell me your troubles.

From Near-Bankruptcy to $4 Million of Consulting Contracts

One of my clients is a software consulting firm.  When the president contacted me, his bottom line had been beaten to a pulp.  He was down to the skeleton crew.  Fierce Selling — after 12 years in the business — was his “last shot”.

This shop was world-famous.  The CEO was the top speaker (of 300+) at the biggest trade event in the industry.  They counted Boeing, Microsoft, TransAmerica, Kawasaki and others as regular clients.  Yet their business was withering.

Within 11 months of our engagement, he added five new developers to his staff.  Then four more.  Then he was asking me if I knew anybody.  Now this consulting firm (still a client, by the way) collects an average of 262 new leads –  per month.  Most importantly, revenue has doubled every year since using my Fierce Selling System.


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Take An Easy Marketing Test

Drag out that dusty Yellow Page directory (remember those?).  Go to the Auto Repair section.  Now go shopping.  Try to find a decent mechanic.

As a customer, you are trying to get your car fixed correctly, at a decent price without any hassle and with a good guarantee.

As a mechanic’s shop, your ad should reach out from the noisy pages of your competitors to grab this customer solidly by the throat,  and compell them, in a frenzied and panicked way, to call you, begging to get on your waiting list of lucky clients.

But can you find an ad, any ad, that comes close?


Most crappy ads will include pictures of cars, credit card logos, statements like, “Family Owned”, or “In Business Since 1986”, or “Honest Mechanics”.

What drivel.

Now imagine one ad with the following headline:

Would that get your attention?

Here’s the point: the size of your ad is important; where you place your ad is important; what colors and pictures you use is important. But the most important thing of all, the one thing you must get right, the one thing that makes the difference between $3,000 thrown down an advertising hole and the same $3,000 bringing you 862 leads per month is this: You must know what to say in your marketing.

I know how to do that.

Okay, I’m Listening.  How Do I Learn More?

I am a perfectionist about the art of growth, leaving no stone unturned, no headline untested, no product design unquestioned.  I focus my very marrow on one thing: YOUR COMPANY’S GROWTH.

That means I turn down most prospects who would like my services.  8 out of 10, in fact.

The simple fact is most companies aren’t willing to grow.  They decide they cannot afford me (and, for sure, most can’t).  Or they are tied to a certain management style (read: the owner micromanages).  The reasons are endless.

But for the few companies whose vision is wide and whose hunger is real, we may have a match.

“Fine.  How do I start?”

I need to convince you I can fix your marketing, and you need to convince me you are the best in the business.

If things go well, I lay out the plan for what happens next.  You’ll understand all the costs, what will happen, what you get and when.  Couldn’t be clearer.

Are you ready?

Marketing sucks? Tell me about it. (I mean it, click here and tell me about it).

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