Are you a business in Orange County?

by Rob Rutkowski on June 22, 2010

Rob Rutkowski presenting at Breakfast of Newport (Le Tip)

Rob Rutkowski presenting at Breakfast of Newport

If you’re a business in Orange County, I want you to pay attention. Especially if you are a ‘radius’ business — a business that draws customers from a fairly defined radius.

If you’re a radius business you have a marketing challenge, because all your traditional means of local marketing are failing you.  Yellow pages: dead.  Newspaper advertising: useless.  Radio: too expensive.  Door hangers = recycling.  Direct mail: ouch.

Google has stepped in dramatically, improving their local advertising capability by leaps and bounds, a lot of it in the last year.  You’d be a fool not to take advantage of Google Places, for example.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must. I recently spoke to a prospect that is balking at spending $5,000 on a WordPress + Thesis website (for terrific SEO) and another $2,000/mo on SEO services.   This is some of the most effective marketing available, but this business owner lacks the understanding of inbound digital marketing.  I don’t argue with dull prospects.

What else should you do?  Network.  NETWORK. NETWORK!

One of the most important marketing steps any local business can do is join a networking group such as BNI or LeTip. Not all groups are equal, and you can join almost any of them, so shop around.

A networking group is cheap (ours is $170/quarter, and includes breakfast every Thursday!), gets you out of the office and concentrating on marketing at least once a week, and gives you a virtually free, highly credible and friendly sales force.  It’s simply good business.

If you’re in Orange County, I cordially invite you to check out my networking group, Breakfast of Newport. We’re one of the most successful LeTip groups in Orange County, generating more leads at a higher value per lead than the typical group.  And we’re fun people who don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Laguna Beach sunset

This Thursday morning, June 24th at 7:15am in Newport Beach, we’ll be sponsoring our New Member Mixer. We invite anybody who’s curious about our group to join us for breakfast (on us) and watch what we do.

You can get all the details and register here.

I hope you’ll join us.

BTW, if you’re reading this post after June 24th, you can join us on ANY Thursday morning.  Just contact me directly using my contact form and I’ll arrange it.

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