Bosses Don’t Do This Stuff

by Rob Rutkowski on June 8, 2010

Okay, you’ve decided to run a campaign.

You attended a few overpriced Google Adwords seminars presented by gasbags.

You have a good idea for your hook.

You’ve got one of your younger guys in the company who ‘builds websites’ ready.

And you know all there is to know about SEO (but you can never remember what it stands for on the first try).

Now, who is gonna run this thing?

Who’s going to write everything?

Who’s going to decide on lead generators, etc?

Who’s going to stare at the analytics to tweak and adjust?

Listen, I know this is a self-serving question. But your company is basically YOU. You’re going to run several marketing campaigns? You? Do you have the time? Honest?

You’re very capable, there’s no doubt about that. But you’re the boss. And bosses don’t do this stuff.

Someone needs to run a marketing campaign or it will die. Someone needs to keep it all going.

You’re very capable, you can do this, but the problem is: you won’t. Bosses don’t do this stuff.

Here’s the problem: most executives and especially business owners look at marketing like remodeling their kitchen.  It will be expensive and have a big effect, but after it’s done, we can get back to more pressing business.  WRONG.  Marketing is a daily, hourly task.  It NEVER ends.  Think proper diet or exercise.  You’re never done.

Want us to tell you how it’s done?

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