Chevy Gives a Corvette to Detriot Tigers Pitcher

by Rob Rutkowski on June 7, 2010

Now that is great marketing. Today Chevrolet gave a brand new Corvette to ‘robbed’ Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga. Galarraga pitched a completely perfect game until the bottom of the 9th, when a blown call by the ump allowed a man on first. By now everyone, including the umpire, the baseball commissioner and anybody with a DVR, knows the runner was clearly out, and Galarraga did, in fact, join only 20 pitchers in the history of baseball to win a game with 27 batters. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the Major League rules allowing for the call to be reversed. Galarraga got the next batter out for the win.

Now Chevrolet steps in the salve the wound a little with a 2010 Corvette. Excellent move Chevy, and a straight up act that matches the class with which Galarraga has taken the whole episode.

Here’s the story as reported by Car and Driver…

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