by Rob Rutkowski on June 9, 2010

As marketers, we are increasingly becoming publishers (on the blogosphere).  And daily blogging can become sheer drudgery.  How many things can I say about digital marketing?  Considering how badly I see it done, a lot.

Nevertheless, it helps to have tools, and I’ve found the most useful blogging tool to date: Zemanta.

Zemanta is a Firefox browser add-on, and it works with the most popular blogging software.  I use the terrific WordPress (with the most excellent Thesis theme), and Zemanta pops up easily right in my WordPress dashboard.

Here’s how it works: While I’m typing a blog entry (like right now), Zemanta is watching, searching, scanning my content, and AUTOMATICALLY suggesting keywords, graphics and related links.  These all are automatically populating blog entry (it’s happening as I type this).  S E Oh My!

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