Starbucks with Free Wifi? More like WTF…

by Rob Rutkowski on June 15, 2010

NEW YORK - APRIL 08:  Starbucks Corp. Chairman...

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

According to the latest reports from the Wired Conference in New York, Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz just announced they will offer free nationwide WiFi access starting July 1st.

Really?  Really, Starbucks?  You’re just catching onto the this Interweb thing?

Do you know how many times I’ve suffered through an It’s a Grind just to find free wifi?  Do you realized the venti-sized business you’ve been losing because of your arrogant T-mobile or ATT or whatever arrangement you’ve had to date?  Frankly, free wifi is the last nail in the coffin for the competition (yes, there are still competitors clinging to the edge of Starbuck’s balance sheet).

Truly, only the real coffee drinkers will seek out a Peets or (here in Orange County) the unsurpassed Kean’s.  The rest of us will swill the brine that is Starbucks joe.  Bout time.

Starbucks will be offering free nationwide Wifi access starting July 1, CEO Howard Schultz just announced at the Wired Conference in New York.

Until now, Starbucks charge a nominal fee to some users, but we doubt Starbucks was generating any significant revenue from Wifi.

Yahoo is working with Starbucks on the offer, TechCrunch reports.

This is awesome news. In Manhattan, where we live, there’s a Starbucks every few blocks. This is probably the closest we’ll get to a free city-wide Wifi network.

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