Stealth! (Advocacy Marketing & Video)

by Rob Rutkowski on July 8, 2010

One of our clients is a master at advocacy marketing and video.

Jim Ballidis is a partner at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie, a personal injury law firm in Orange County.  Jim’s firm has been practicing law in Orange County for over 35 years.  They’ve fought for and won some of the largest cases in the county, protecting victim’s rights and their families.

Most people have a negative view of personal injury attorneys: Ambulance chasers.  Bottom feeders. Slime buckets.

Then we met with the Allen Flatt team.  These are the good guys.  These are precisely the attorneys you want if you’re the victim of a nasty, devastating accident.    Through our research, the account team at Fierce Selling discovered the reality of what accident victims face.

If you are legitimately injured as a direct result of someone else’s negligence, VIRTUALLY EVERYBODY INVOLVED IS BETTER FUNDED, BETTER TRAINED, MORE EXPERIENCED, AND WANTS YOU TO FAIL.  I was amazed at this.

Because Jim hired attorneys from the insurance companies, his firm knows the dirty tricks that will be played on victims.

But how to market their firm to prospects?

Not with the usual lawyer dribble.

Instead, we advocate issues.  We highlight the what-ifs.  We show the other side.  And often, we use video to make our case.

Here’s a video Jim put together to demonstrate an issue that lead to a fatal accident:

This video combined with its advocacy message has several advantages:

  • It casts a spotlight on a proven danger and the lack of response from CalTrans
  • It increases credibility for Allen Flatt Ballidis and Leslie, to their target market.  NOTE: YOU may look at this video and form a different opinion, if you are not a victim of an accident.  But we’re only speaking to potential prospects, people who are victims of accidents.
  • It’s a ‘commercial’ for Allen Flatt Ballidis and Leslie, without saying “how great we are”.

What issues can you advocate in your industry?  Do you need help with this type of marketing?

If you’ve had an accident, live in Southern California, and have questions about what to do next, contact Jim’s Accident Recovery Hotline(Facebook users can go here).  It’s a free service where you can ask anything you want about your case, and you’ll get access to free resources, books, articles and consultations.  Call 888-221-9986.

If y0u’d like professionally produced video for your site, we use TAG Video for all our clients (including Allen Flatt).  You can reach Tom Glinskas of TAG Video at (714) 244-8690 or here’s his website.

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