“Over a casual lunch, I surprised Rob with a pitch letter I had written for my charity project.  Rob scanned it, changed 17 words (with his ever-present red pen) and said, ‘Try this’. The next day, that letter became a $20,000, no-questions-asked sponsorship.  $20,000 for the cost of a turkey sandwich!   Rob Rutkowski makes people money, even when he’s on break.”

Dr. Jim Sears
Host of Nationally Syndicated TV Show, “The Doctors”

“When I met Rob Rutkowski at Fierce Selling Systems LLC. a marketing message expert, he awoke the giant within our practice, not by slick phrases, marketing slogans or new logo designs. Instead he simplified my objectives to three things, and as I continue to hone any skill I have acquired, these same themes reappear.
* Tap people who may be interested in your services on the shoulder.
* Give them a compelling offer that causes them to raise their hand and ask for help.
* Tell them how you can answer that nagging concern in their head.

If you are having trouble tapping someone on the shoulder, messaging, or developing a compelling offer, I suggest you contact a specialist, like I did.  Call Rob.”

Jim Ballidis, Managing Partner
Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie

“Rob helped PDSA reinvent its image several years ago. He was instrumental in redoing all of our marketing material and putting together a whole sales process for us. Rob has proven himself to be reliable, creative, and a great person to work with. I would highly recommend Rob’s work to anyone who has a need for his service. If you have any questions about the work that Rob did for us, feel free to contact me at PSheriff@pdsa.com.”

Paul Sheriff
President, PDSA, Inc. and Paul Sheriff’s Inner Circle
Author of 9 books, 176 articles, Top 5 Speaker at Microsoft Tech Ed
paulsheriffinnercircle.com, pdsa.com

Just Added!

Here is a typical email we get from Paul’s customers:

“Hi Paul, These are well targeted insightful emails.  We’ve met a couple of times, but at large meeting, so it is unlikely you would remember me.  I run a small consulting shop and continually have the challenges you discuss…I look forward to reviewing your inner circle further.”

Kirk Ranta
Ranta Consulting, Inc.

NOTE: Because of the Fierce Selling System I implemented at PDSA, we immediately responded to Kirk’s email with a custom promo code. Kirk signed up (and paid for!) a $997 membership in 52 minutes.

“Rob is creative, very hard working and exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects of marketing. He can create and/or help develop strategic concepts and then make that strategy come to life through specific tactical actions. His ability to test results and modify actions based on the testing is outstanding. I would recommend Rob for ANY marketing position because of his ability to apply marketing processes to create actual sales results.”

Richard Toral
Chief Executive Officer, 1985-1999 Admar (NASDAQ: ADMR)

“Rob is a genius at finding and closing customers – en masse.  His creation, the Fierce Selling System, transformed the sales levels at my company. Rob was able to get access to the largest prospects in our industry, and as a direct result of his efforts, we closed our 4 biggest contracts ever.  In my business, I can retire on that kind of revenue, and in large measure I owe that to Rob.”

David F. Little
President and CEO
Div-Con Environmental, Inc.

“Rob’s skill at mentoring organizations into powerhouses is based on decades of research and experimentation in several disciplines. Because he has studied traditional best practices in business as well as non-traditional modes of organizations, Rob connects the dots to create wholly efficient organizations firing on all cylinders.”

Robert Gordon, MA, MS
Tia Sophia Institute

“Rob developed a highly individualized marketing plan for my business. As a result, I expanded my company from a small one-person psychotherapy office into a network of many therapists with different but supportive goals working together. Because of Rob’s strategy, he encouraged me to write articles and speak professionally, opening my business and marketing plan to as large as I want to pursue it.   Thank you, Rob!”

Jody Bremer, LMFT

“Rob is a Marketing Master, from his overall vision to his attention to details. Rob understands what it takes to get results. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, if no one knows about it, you won’t make any money. Rob has the experience and expertise to create and execute a marketing campaign that really gets results.”

Cheri Alguire, Business Coach
Next Level Services, Inc.

“Rob is a creative thinker, excellent manager, insightful strategist and hard worker. A winning marketing combination for whatever the product or category the lucky company/client needs improving.”

Sydney Klevatt, President

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