The best texting tool still escapes iPhone users…

by Rob Rutkowski on June 22, 2010

Image representing Swype as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

T9 is the inventor of the predictive texting software extant on 3.4 billion cell phones (that’s a b!).  Great time saver.

They could have called it a day and rested on some serious licensing revenue.  But their sophomore product is even better: Swype.

Solving a problem no one knew they had until they tried texting on the glass screens of a smart phone, Swype created mapping software that tracks the movement of your finger around the keyboard.  The trick is never to lift your finger as you would on a typical Blackberry keyboard, but to swipe your fingertip, creating patterns of the words that Swype can guess pretty accurately.  Here’s a demonstration:

It’s like cursive for texting.  Damn clever.

Sadly, Apple isn’t buying in, not yet.  I’m guessing their lawyers are trying to loophole their way into writing the code themselves.  Apple is nervous about any third party getting that integrated into the OS, a strategy that was worked wonders for them so far.

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