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by Rob Rutkowski on July 12, 2010

Want to see excellent social marketing?  Take a look at Volkswagen’s “Fun Theory” campaign.  This is just terrific brand management.

Volkswagen has always pitched a youthful, fun-loving brand image (remember Fahrvergnügen?).  TheFunTheory adds a social experiment twist.

Using clever public performance art, VW’s challenges us to improve human behavior through fun.  For example, to see if more people can be urged to use the stairs instead of the escalators, a crew sneaks into a metro stop overnight and converts the stairs to a working piano keyboard.  They videotape the whole thing, and viola: instant viral video!  (You can see that video in my earlier blog post here).

And this is the part I really like:  The public is invited to submit their own solutions to social problems on

  • Want to people to wipe their feet when they enter your building?  Make the welcome mat into a working DJ scratch mat.
  • Kids not hanging up their clothes?  Sew magnets in their shirts and install a metal wall.
  • Want cars to slow down? Drivers obeying the speed limit win money from speeders’ fines.

Brilliant, thoughtful, FUN ideas, all supported by video and all supporting VW’s brand.  You cannot buy green brand support better than this.  WELL DONE!

To see all the fun videos, go to

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