Under 25? Why you get electric cars…

by Rob Rutkowski on May 25, 2010

There has been a lot of pantie-bunching about the short range of electric cars.  Brand managers and ad agencies try to spin electric car range with claims that make an engineer laugh out loud.  Fiskar claims their coming sedan will easily make 200 miles on a charge.  Tesla touts a 130+ mile range on its utterly useless (but FUN) Lotus based car.  The truth is much different.  Think eight hours of charging for every one of driving.

Here’s why that won’t matter: your iPhone.

Anybody with an iPhone knows you better be near power. I made the mistake of using navigation on mine without a charger and ended up with a dead phone in 20 minutes.  Hence the dock/charger now firmly affixed to my dashboard.

And anytime I’m near an outlet, I have that thing plugged in.  And that’s why electric cars will be no problem for any iPhone user.  They already live and breath plugged in to any available source of power at every opportunity.

See, just as a dog is nothing more than a nose with legs attached, an electric car is nothing more than a big battery you move around between plugs.  It happens to carry a person or two in the process, but mainly it’s looking for the next outlet.  A pretty simple concept for iPhone users.

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