What BMW has done 17 times in a row (and what YOU can learn from it)

by Rob Rutkowski on June 11, 2010

Alexander Calder 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL
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In 1975, French racing driver Hervé Poulain hired his friend and American artist Alexander Calder to paint a race-spec BMW 3.0 CSL, spawning a beautiful and inspiring marketing platform known as the BMW Art Car.

The Art Car represents terrific automotive marketing. It’s different, catchy, lovely and best of all, embodies the brand, since these cars (most of them, at least) race on circuits as famous as Le Mans. How can you ignore the grace of a race-prepped BMW wrapped in stunning colors? What do the other cars look like? BORING and anonymous. Oh, there goes yet another 911. Yawn.

What can you do in your business that represents grace, efficiency, elegance, engineering, speed, or whatever else your brand delivers? Is there a way you can do something so different, so far afield that still delights and informs your prospects?

Jeff Koons BMW art car
Image by Jason Whittaker via Flickr

My favorite Art Car by a wide margin happens to be the latest one, a Jeff Koons design on a BMW M3 GT2 (which will also race at Le Mans).  It simply looks fast, and I love that.  What else should a BMW look like, anyway?

There’s a terrific retrospective of all 17 Art Cars on Automobile Magazine’s website.

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