What do you think of this video from Volkswagen?

by Rob Rutkowski on June 17, 2010

VW Polo MkV at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show

The VW MkV Polo. Think 3/4 sized Golf. And no, you can't get one stateside.

Volkswagen has created a slick little piece of performance art in order to promote the new VW Polo.  (The Polo is a microcar sold almost everywhere but the U.S.  Think 3/4 sized Golf).

The video (below) is mirthful and witty, if only to watch the uptight Germans who WILL NOT PARTICIPATE in the gag.

So it’s great branding, because it supports the vibrant, playful youth market Volkswagen is pitching the Polo to. Nevermind that most buyers will be people like me: 45 and youthful only in my mind.

So, great branding.

But great marketing?  Hmmm. We at Fierce Selling Systems are all about the transaction.  Did our work sell something?  Did it convert?  Did it cause a prospect to do something?

Here, I think this destined-to-be-viral video misses the mark.  It’s the product of an exuberant ad agency with a n-look budget.  No doubt they will make a huge deal about the number of viewings and links.  Great.

But Volkswagen sells cars. Cars is what they sell.  And I don’t see even a single, squinty-eyed wisp of a connection between the fun slide and the sale of a car.  So great automotive marketing?  No.  Sorry.

Maybe I’m confused about what our work needs to accomplish, but I know NONE of my clients is interested in spending money for cool.  They want the bell on their door to ring.  So that’s what we do.

That said, I do love this video.  Watch it and tell me what YOU think.

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