Why most marketers are a waste of your money (and why Fierce Selling Systems isn’t)

by Rob Rutkowski on July 23, 2010

When I created my Fierce Selling System several years ago, I happened upon a way of looking at all marketing that made a lot of sense.

The Fierce Selling System explained why some campaigns didn’t work, while others hit home runs. Why some sales teams had high turn over, and why some became long-term, repeatable money makers. In short, I had discovered the Unified Theory of Marketing.

I called this discovery the Fierce Selling System, and at its heart is the TAP (Tactical Action Plan).

Once I realized I could organize a marketing campaign into my TAP, I knew I could dramatically and consistently improve the response rates, conversions and sales of any organization that sells things. And I mean ANY organization.

One thing that really stood out, once I looked at campaigns through my system, is how badly most campaigns were designed.  Big budget, high gloss campaigns created by top drawer ad agencies seemed to be making huge errors and omissions that would result in less effective results.  I could only conclude, based on every agency I’ve worked with, these campaigns were being created by goofball ‘creatives’, folks who had little understanding of actual selling.

That struck me as a egregious waste of a client’s money.

My system first discovers the prospect’s triggering event, determines their initial state of mind, unearths their misconceptions and attitudes, and reveals the precise lead generators and marketing tools that will be most effective.  In other words, we create a campaign that will make money.

Since then, we’ve successfully implemented the Fierce Selling System in professional services, CPG, SaaS and software companies, wholesale distributors, and non-profits.

Over the next few blog entries, I’m going to explain the Fierce Selling System.  I’ll go over tone, message, headlines, lead generators, marketing tools, sales tools, closing tools, social media, web 2.0 and video, and how all these fit together in a mindblowing marketing campaign.

Stay tuned.

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