Why your site probably sucks…and what to do about it.

by Rob Rutkowski on June 17, 2010

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Most small companies, and even a lot of medium ones, still think a website is something you hire the cheapest, community college student to build, or you get a template site and someone in your company deals with it.

But you MUST spend money on a solid infrastructure, or you’ll have a site that is dead to search engines, is impossible to update or add to, and lacks the necessary links to modern SEO techniques. It may be pretty, but it’ll be stuck in a back corner of your garage, as far as your prospects are concerned.

That’s why we use WordPress and the outstanding Thesis theme for all our clients. We’re able to build state of the art sites that Google finds within 24 hours, even faster most times, and we’re able to do this for under $5,000 for the site, plus $2,000/mo on SEO practices, blog entries and continuing optimization.

Why do we recommend WordPress? Two words: plug ins.

Think of plug ins like Apps for your iPhone, only these are apps for your site. They’re written by developers all over the world, and most are available for a modest donation to the coder.

Our latest favorite (that took all of 3 minutes to install on our site): Google Bot Bling.

Written by WordPress guru Christopher Ross, this plug in alerts you whenever Google scans and catalogs one of your pages. Because of our optimization techniques, we’re often alerted within minutes of posting a blog entry that Google has scanned it, bringing us organic search results and prospects.

Here’s an alert we received a few minutes ago:

from    Google Bot Bling <rob@fierceselling.com>
to    rob@fierceselling.com
date    Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 2:48 PM
subject    Googlebot detected (http://www.fierceselling.com)

2:48 PM (39 minutes ago)

Googlebot detected on http://www.fierceselling.com

Google just crawled the webpage located at

Can you imagine how much fun this is?  Wouldn’t you like to find this kind of present under YOUR tree?

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