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Rob Rutkowski

Rob Rutkowski is the founder of Fierce Selling Systems, Inc. He is the lead management consultant, drawing from over 20 years experience as a business and marketing strategist, speaker and copywriter in consumer products, high-tech, and business-to-business selling. Starting with his first infomercial in 1987, Rutkowski has created hundreds of campaigns, introduced two dozen companies into new markets and generated millions of dollars in sales.

Rutkowski is the creator of the 21-Step Fierce Selling System, a well honed process that fixes your messaging. It dramatically improves the perception of virtually any product or service.

Rob Rutkowski is also a published author of two books (Southern Sky and Drive Fast, No Tickets) and numerous articles. He is the recipient of the ByLine Magazine Award for Humor Writing. Rutkowski’s travel writing has been published by About.com and Glasshouse Magazine.

He is an avid traveller and car nut. See his side hustle: TheVintageDailyDriver.com.

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Rob Rutkowski

Founder and creator of the Fierce Selling System