We make your company irresistible to investors and customers.

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Founders are focused on one thing: building something. That’s a lot of work. That’s what you do.

We focus on the other thing: making sure you say the right things to investors and customers.

That’s what we do.


Our Services

FSS is a management consulting firm focused on making our clients irresistible to customers and investors. We do this using our proprietary Fierce Selling System.

We also help international companies enter new markets.

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Our Impact

We’ve helped over two dozen companies raise funding, get sold or enter new markets. Founders became philanthropists. Companies established beachheads in new territories. Products went from unknowns to the subject of worried conversations by competitors. All through improved messaging and operations.

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Our Science

Don’t be fooled by the latest “new media”. It’s all just plumbing. The real key to success is messaging. People buy things for very basic reasons, and they go through a predictable process. We cracked the code.


Our Practice

Rob Rutkowski has dedicated his career to understanding why people buy. He’s the creator of the 21 step Fierce Selling System, which cracks the code of buying behavior.


The Fierce Selling System is just that: a system. I’ve spent 23 years perfecting it. And it works in any medium.

— Rob Rutkowski